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Why do schools need research leads?

21 February 2018

Last night we hosted the first of three twilight sessions, focusing on the role of ‘School Research Lead’. This post is a summary of some of the key points from the session. […]

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Posted on: 21 February 2018
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Forthcoming events this half term

18 February 2018

After a restful half term break, this is what we have coming up at the Durrington Research School in the run up to Easter […]

Author: Shaun Allison
Posted on: 18 February 2018
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Developing Great Subject Teaching

16 February 2018

Today CUREE & Wellcome published a new evidence review about subject specific CPD – ‘Developing Great Subject Teaching’. It begins by referring to the review undertaken by the Teacher Development Trust in Developing Great Teachers (2015) […]

Author: Shaun Allison
Posted on: 16 February 2018
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Putting evidence to work – an implementation guide for schools

9 February 2018

Shaun Allison, Director of Durrington Research School, , introduces the EEF’s latest guidance report […]

Author: Shaun Allison
Posted on: 9 February 2018
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Reflections on day two of “Using the EEF toolkit to address disadvantage in coastal areas”

7 February 2018

On Tuesday this week 16 teachers from coastal schools met for the second time this year to reflect, discuss and consider how we can best use research evidence to address disadvantage in our contexts.  As with all our Durrington Research School training, the course has been spread across three days, one in each academic term.  […]

Author: Chris Runeckles
Posted on: 7 February 2018
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Research Bites: Feedback

29 January 2018

Feedback provides information about how the learner is doing relevant to defined goals. Feedback fills a gap between what is understood and what needs to be understood by the learner; the main purpose of feedback is to reduce the discrepancy between these two states. […]

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Insights into assessment from ‘What Does This Look Like in the Classroom’

24 January 2018

A must read for any teacher wanting to become more research-informed. With chapters on topics like literacy, behaviour, motivation and technology, the book features a series of interviews with notable education researchers, theorists and practitioners. […]

Posted on: 24 January 2018
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19 January 2018

We ask Carl Hendrick, Head of research, Wellington College, “What does evidence informed practice mean to you?” […]

Posted on: 19 January 2018
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The role of evidence in addressing recruitment, retention and workload issues

18 January 2018

There is no doubt that as a profession we are facing a recruitment and retention crisis. An article in the TES last month revealed that teacher recruitment is down by a third. Alongside this, research carried out by the NFER has highlighted the fact that retaining working age teachers is getting harder. […]

Author: Shaun Allison
Posted on: 18 January 2018
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Research Bites – Elaborative Interrogation

16 January 2018

This is the process of prompting students to generate an explanation for an explicitly stated fact. This usually involves an explanatory prompt (from the teacher, peer or self) in the form of a question e.g. “Why does it make sense that….?”, “Why is this true…?”, “Why is [X] true and not [Y]?”, or just very simply “Why?” […]

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