Our Research School

As a Research School our core purpose is to:

We are very proud to take a role in supporting a school-led system as part of a dynamic network across the region and the country. Working closely with the Institute for Effective Education and the Education Endowment Foundation, alongside a range of higher education institutions and many forward-thinking schools and teachers across the United Kingdom, we will support the aim of developing an evidence-based profession that sees teachers empowered by accessible tools based on research evidence.


Working Collaboratively

As well as offering arrange of training programmes, twilights and conferences here at Durrington (see our events page) and keeping you informed about our activity via our newsletter (sign up here) we also offer a variety of ways in which we can work with you:


We can deliver bespoke INSET presentations for schools on a range of themes.  For example:


Whether it be at school staff meeting, or to SLT or if you are an ITT provider, to trainee teachers, we can give talks on a variety of topics.  In the past, we have talked to SLTs about why an evidence informed approach is important and how a Research School can support your work.  We  have talked at school staff meetings about our ‘6 principle’ approach to teaching and to trainee teachers about using evidence in the classroom – sources of evidence; mobilising evidence in the classroom; carrying out their own enquiry projects.  With the experience we have in our team though, we can cover most topics, so do please let us know what you are looking for.


Whilst we host twilights here at Durrington, we would also be happy to host one at our more local schools, for staff in your school as well as your family group of schools.  These are one hour sessions, after school, led by somebody from the Research School Team.   You invite your colleagues and provide a venue/refreshments etc and we will deliver the session.  Again, these could cover a range of themes, for example:

This is not an exhaustive list.  If there is a topic you are interested in, just let us know.


If you are trying to find useful research evidence on a specific theme, or have a general question about research evidence, you can email us on research@durring.com


We can work with school Senior Leadership Teams or other teams within schools to help them address any issues they may be facing, using an evidence informed approach.  This might include:


We can support you with your application for an IEE Innovation Evaluation Grant – to fund a new and innovative approach that you are trialling in your school.  Further details here.

Please feel free to email us with enquiries about any of these services and we will get back to you regarding availability and costs.

To join our email list, please email Lisa Edwards

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