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Research Bites – Worked Examples

11 January 2018

Put simply, a worked example is a completed (or partly completed) problem that students can see and refer to while they are working on a similar problem. […]

Posted on: 11 January 2018
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Fully Guided Instruction

21 November 2017

In 2006, Paul A. Kirschner, John Sweller and Richard E. Clark wrote a seminal paper on the shortfalls of minimal instructional guidance. They followed this in 2012 with an article for American Educator – ‘Putting Students on the Path to Learning: The Case for Fully Guided Instruction’ – in which they explored the reasons why explicit teaching is usually a more effective approach than minimal guidance. This blog will provide a brief summary of the 2012 article and will explore its implications for day-to-day classroom practice. […]

Author: Andy Tharby
Posted on: 21 November 2017
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