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Questioning in PE

2 December 2018

It is undeniable that questioning is imperative to improving students’ understanding of the world . However teachers are often over reliant on recall style questions surrounding surface knowledge, usually targeted at students who the teacher knows has sound knowledge within the field. Whilst establishing whether students have a firm grasp of the core knowledge they need to master the subject is important, questioning should aim to stimulate learners to analyse, evaluate and link ideas together. Essentially, questioning should generate thinking. This is an area of classroom practice which is sometimes lacking in the initial years of teaching. […]

Author: James Crane
Posted on: 2 December 2018
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What does research evidence tell us about effective questioning?

24 May 2018

By Andy Tharby Asking questions has always has been an essential ingredient of the craft of teaching. For the most effective and successful teachers, it is usually such an ingrained part of classroom dialogue that it seems to happen quite naturally. It can be very hard for new teachers to emulate this kind of seamless, […]

Posted on: 24 May 2018
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