Research Bites – Retrieval Practice

3 January 2018

Retrieval Practice

What is it?

  • Put very simply, retrieval practice is the act of having to retrieve something from your memory (often with the help of a cue).

What does the evidence tell us?

  • RecentĀ research has shown that retrieval is critical for robust, durable, long-term learning. Every time a memory is retrieved, that memory becomes more accessible in the future. Retrieval also helpsĀ us create coherent and integrated mental representations of complex concepts, the kind of deep learning necessary to solve new problems and draw new inferences.

How can teachers mobilise the evidence?

  • Start every lesson with 3 groups of questions:
    • Group 1 – questions from last week.
    • Group 2 – questions from last month.
    • Group 3 – questions from last term.
  • Encourage students to use flashcards for revision.

Further information

The Learning Scientists on Retrieval Practice.

A powerful way to improve learning and memory – Jeffrey Karpicke

Posted on 3 January 2018
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